Pastoral Care

Home Groups
Home Groups are a vital source of pastoral care at St Mark’s. Homegroups are an excellent place to get connected with God and with each other - praying, worshipping, learning from the Bible and sharing life together (in good times and not so good). We encourage every member of St Mark’s to be in a homegroup where people care for each other.

Prayer Ministry
From the Bible we learn the importance of encouraging and building each other up. Jesus spoke about God giving us the good gift of the Holy Spirit. Prayer ministry is an important way in which this happens.
We seek to have the time and space for prayer ministry in the life of our church. A trained team is available to pray for individuals during Sunday services and other events.

Pastoral Appointments
The clergy are available for counselling, pastoral visits, hospital visits etc., and are ready to meet and talk through any difficulties a church member might have. Contact Us for more information

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