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2nd January - Day by Day, Person to Person - Anna Thorley & Paul Kenchington- LISTEN - POWERPOINT

9th January -  Revealing Jesus: in our baptism - Paul Kenchington - LISTEN

23rd January - Revealing Jesus: in our unity - Paul Kenchington - LISTEN

30th January - Revealing Jesus: in miracles - Paul Kenchington -LISTEN

6th February - Revealing Jesus: in our life - Elaine Labourel - LISTEN

13th February - Revealing Jesus: in the choice of life preceded by Ministry Presentations - Paul Kenchington - LISTEN

27th February - Revealing Jesus: in Difficult Times - Paul Kenchington - LISTEN

13th March - Overcoming Temptation (preceded by "God in the Work place" by Davy McCullough) - Paul Kenchington - LISTEN

27th March - Vision Bearers - Paul Kenchington - LISTEN

3rd April - Building the family Building the Church (with testimony by Patrick Deschamps) - Paul Kenchington -LISTEN

10th April - Elaine Labourel -LISTEN

17th April - Elaine Labourel -LISTEN

24th April 2011 - Risen & Present - Paul Kenchington -LISTEN

May 1st - Trust & Security in Jesus - Elaine Labourel -LISTEN

May 8th- Jesus Himself Drew Near- Paul Kenchington -LISTEN

May 22nd - A Church Without Walls - PaulKenchington -LISTEN

June 5th - Dude, he brought the pie! - Paul Kenchington - LISTEN - VIDEO LINK

June 12th - Gift Day - Paul Kenchington - LISTEN

June 19th - Missions - John Bagg -LISTEN

June 26th -Never Stop Saying Thank you (incl. Testimony by Sarah Thorley) - Paul Kenchington -LISTEN

July 3rd - Elaine Labourel -LISTEN

July 10th - Romans 8 - Paul McIntosh -LISTEN

July 17th - Heirs of hope- Paul Kenchington - LISTEN

July 24th - Nothing Shall Seperate us from the love of God (Romans 8 v25-39)- Paul Kenchington - LISTEN

July 31st - A Miracle and a Model (Matthew 14 v13-21) - Paul Kenchington -LISTEN

August 21st - Gifts of the Spirit- Paul McIntosh -LISTEN

August 28th - Living For Your Glory - Paul Kenchington -LISTEN

September 4th - Paul Kenchington -LISTEN

September 11th - Paul McIntosh -LISTEN

September 25th - The Humility Of Christ - Paul McIntosh -LISTEN

October 9th - Peace Makers - Paul McIntosh - LISTEN

October 30th - Elaine Labourel -LISTEN

November 6th - Elaine Labourel -LISTEN

November 13th - Paul McIntosh -LISTEN

December 11th - Putting Christ back into Christmas - Paul McIntosh -LISTEN

December 25th - Christmas Day - Elaine Labourel -LISTEN

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